“The Economics Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained” Book Review

Hello everybody,       "The Economics Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained" is a nonfiction book that explains the big concepts of economics. To call it a textbook would do it a great disservice. While the structure is comparable to a textbook (chronological order with each page explaining a concept) the writing and layout are … Continue reading “The Economics Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained” Book Review

Changing the one-word book review

Hello everybody, I realized the one-word book review wasn't as great of an idea as I thought it would be. Frankly, just using one word is boring. I will revert to my original book review format but add one-word which I feel sums up the book. Hopefully, this will work much better. Thanks, Arush

Book review: “The Captain Class”

Hello, everybody! "The Captain Class" is a non-fiction book written by sports writer Sam Walker. Walker tries to find what makes dynasty sports teams so successful. He narrows thousands of teams down to just 16 true dynasties to examine. While these teams may seem different at first glance, a closer look reveals one commonality. These legendary … Continue reading Book review: “The Captain Class”