My top 8 old (Last 10 years) songs

Feeling nostalgic for the days of party anthems and light pop? I, with the help of the all knowing internet, compiled a list (7 songs+an album) of hit songs from the late 2000s to early 2010s. These all are songs I vaguely remember hearing on the radio at 8 years. Listen to these songs and remember the days of Obama and Indie Pop.

Note: There are no rap or hardcore rock songs on this list. The songs are mostly pop and indie music. I’m sorry.

1. “Some Nights” by Fun

A soul-searching Indie Pop anthem with a powerful chorus. Nate Ruess slips into a conversational style of singing midway, but it only adds to the songs quirky feel. The lyrics of this song are actually pretty deep. Who knew soul-searching could sound this good. Thank you Indie Pop.

2. Every Night Visions song by “Imagine Dragons”

This is an album, but we can make an exception. There is no modern band greater than Imagine Dragons. While Fun may have taken the top song, Imagine Dragons is the best band. Power chords with rock-like vocals mixed with soft ,almost pop-like, rock lead to a great degree of variety. Night Visions catapulted them to stardom with songs like “Demons” and “Radioactive” winning multiple awards, even leading a certain blogger to play “Demons” for his 5th grade talent show. Imagine Dragons can never get old.

 3. “Somebody That I Used to Know” by Gotye featuring Kimbra

An art pop (according to wikipedia) hit with catchy background music and vocals. The story narrated is a person is mad at his ex for cutting him off. Gotye starts out soft then lifts his voice higher during the chorus. Kimbra provides a nice contrast and opposing narrator in the story. The talented vocalists combined with the background music made it worthy of its multiple Grammy awards.

4. “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz

Tired of depressing news headlines? Are Politics getting you down? Go back to 2008 and Jason Mraz. “I’m Yours” is a carefree pop hit with a catchy melody. Through Jason Mraz’s voice, you can feel the happiness of those without care or worry. Listen to this song, and forget your worries, until you read the latest politics headlines.

5. “Hey Soul Sister” by Train

Pop rock is great. The lyrics aren’t very deep, but the powerful voice of Patrick Monahan lift it out of the Justin Bieber category. Try not to sing along to this song. You may hold it in, but sooner or later you’ll find yourself mumbling “Hey Soul Sister.”

6. “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk featuring Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers

A throwback to disco (at the time), the catchy guitar and French House music will immediately lift your mood. Pharrell Williams is great on vocals and the music by Daft Punk and Nile Rodgers is a staple of any dance club.

7. “Hall of Fame” by The Script featuring

An Indie Rock song with a positive message. The song starts out with a nice piano solo then moves on to the powerful voice of Danny O’Donohue supplemented by the awesomeness of “Hall of Fame” is a nice break from angsty love songs.

8. “Counting Stars” by One-Republic

The smash hit of 2013 is timeless. The smooth and powerful voice of Ryan Tedder and the dance-worthy music by his band make this a powerful anthem. The lyrics are also pretty deep. I’d sure like to count stars. Even dollars would be fine.

These are my picks. Comment below on any notable snubs.

© Copyright Arush Iyer 2017






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