Book review: “The Captain Class”

Hello, everybody!

“The Captain Class” is a non-fiction book written by sports writer Sam Walker. Walker tries to find what makes dynasty sports teams so successful. He narrows thousands of teams down to just 16 true dynasties to examine. While these teams may seem different at first glance, a closer look reveals one commonality. These legendary teams all had an outstanding captain.

This captain wasn’t some Hollywood-inspired legendary motivator. They often shied away from interviews and never gave speeches. They mastered other forms of communication and leadership. They weren’t all paragons of virtue and cooperation. Much of the time they confronted teammates and management. They shared 7 qualities which led to their team’s success. Their unique leadership can be imitated in the athletic, as well as the corporate world. Finding these leaders will undoubtedly lead to the success of the team.

This book was extraordinarily well researched and explained. Walker left no stone unturned. Using a simple process of elimination, he explained to us his reasoning and why his idea was correct. His writing style was analytical, yet engaging. His ideas altered my perception of a leader. Before reading it, I thought this book would be boring. After reading the first page, I couldn’t put it down. Any non-fiction book that can keep the reader’s attention for the entire duration of the novel is worthy of respect. This is a must read for all.




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