My very first blog post

25a87c39c815c953c1fa9e521a801cc3 Image from Pinterest at this site.

Hello everybody!

My name is Arush Iyer, and this is my first blog post. I just finished 8th grade, and I will be attending high school this fall. My favorite subject to study by myself is physiology (the study of how the body functions) although economics (various definitions) is a close second. In school, I love to learn about science as well as English. I get annoyed when people use improper grammar while speaking. My brother uses improper grammar quite a bit, therefore I get annoyed quite a bit. My favorite comic is “Calvin and Hobbes” by Bill Watterson (as seen above), but I can’t decide on my favorite book. I enjoyed “Harry Potter”, but I also loved “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” series by Douglas Adams.

I set up this blog as a place to voice and share my thoughts on the world. Subsequent blog posts will have topics ranging from general politics to personal experiences as stated in my “About” page. I hope to entertain and inform you about my life, and the world. This all sounds very idealistic, but it can be achieved. You can actually learn something from the opinions of a teenager. To quote the musician Frank Zappa “A mind is like a parachute, it doesn’t work if it isn’t open.” If you are jumping from a skyscraper with a mind parachute and you close your mind, you will most likely die. Open your mind parachute and learn.


Arush Iyer

P.S: If you had opened your mind parachute before jumping off the skyscraper, it would have informed you that jumping off a skyscraper with a metaphoric parachute is a terrible idea. Please bring an actual parachute, learn how to open the parachute, get permission to jump off a skyscraper, pick an appropriate day to jump off a skyscraper, and have people waiting to catch you if something goes horribly wrong.

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